Welcome to Equine Elegance.

 We are a small business that creates individually designed, hand stitched browbands and we promise that you will never see an exact replica of your EE browband.

Equine Elegance was established on the 6th of January 2002 with the sole purpose of providing  quality jewellery. When the majority of people consider jewellery, they frequently wind up choosing mass produced jewellery that is so typical in the significant street shops. So many folks accumulate jewellery through the years and want to sell their jewellery but do not understand how to. What you will discover this that vintage jewellery offers you a timeless piece along with timeless elegance you may not get if buying modern jewellery from a standard jewellery shop. the equine industry with unusual, but elegant and eye-catching browbands. With this in mind, we set off looking for ideas to kick-start our operation.

Phone:+617 55 592 270
Mobile: 0403 466 207
Fax: +617 55 592 576
Email: info@equineelegance.com.au
Post: P.O Box 2717 Nerang BC, QLD 4211 Australia

(Please note new phone and fax numbers as of March 2007)

Equine Elegance specialises in jewelled browbands. These very distinctive and extremely elegant browbands are either one off styles, or limited editions.

Antique Jewellery

Jewellery , might be ornaments made of gold or diamond or etc. But they are precious, not only do they have a high price tag but their value in signifying a relation or promise is immense. Every girl these wants the most complete, unique and design for them that no one else wears.  Antique engagement rings featuring jewels and gems are the primary source of joy for many people and also are the assets that many hold.

Equine Elegance was founded by Danica Vansleve. Danica has recently graduated with a Batchelor of Business degree after taking a year off to further her equestrian skills. Danica and Rockerfeller were members of the 2006 & 2007 Equestrian Land Developments QLD YR Squad.

Equine Elegance browbands: Created for the competitor by a competitor

Equine Elegance is proud to introduce Huszar to Austalia. Please click the Logo to view their exciting range of luxury tack and accessories.

 Art Deco and Antique Jewellery

Seeking out a gorgeous bit of vintage jewellery which you like, though, can be tricky. The very first thing to bear in mind when looking after you vintage jewellery is the fact that it has to be stored correctly as a way to make sure that it remains in good shape.

The very first portion of caring for the jewellery is to create sure it is kept in a safe location, and that it’s protected from certain elements. Antique jewellery has developed and gone through lots of changes through the years.

Anything newer is not thought to be an antique. No matter the reason, it is wonderful to understand a bit about this specific antique and hopefully help whenever you’re looking to buy pieces later on. Antique and vintage jewellery collections often hold lots of sentimental value so it’s important that you receive the suitable sum of money should you ever do consider selling.

Antiques: more modern than ever

The first thing that comes back to you when thinking about antiques items is probably the heavy, old wooden furniture that one can find in the home of several grandparents. It is actually true that most antique furniture consists of wood, but their application area is really bigger than just the old interiors. The fact is that the antiques are perfectly suited to modern houses and today the combination of antique and modern furniture is even more connected than ever. So it’s time to look at the world of antique furniture!

The old furniture, when are they indeed old?

The term “antiquities” is really an encompassing term that does not have a fixed definition. Naturally, the piece of furniture in question must be of a certain age, but this may vary. It is that some furniture is antiques after 100 years, while for others an age of 125 or even 150 years is in force. Another condition for receiving the “antiquities” label is that the item must be made by hand. For some furniture, there is an exception here since even in the 19th century some objects were manufactured partially mechanically. As far as their age is concerned, they can certainly be counted among the antiquities. Which object it features does not matter in principle. Antique cabinets, old, old chairs, an old dresser, everything can be old!

Antiques for Sale!

Are you a true antique enthusiast or can you no longer expect to combine your modern furniture with a hint of antiques? Then the search for the perfect piece of furniture can begin. One can do this from his chair by scrutinizing websites with used objects, or that is a little more adventurous can snoop all sorts of flea markets. Always pay attention to imitations here, because in the flea markets there is also a lot of bric-a-brac. Obviously, there are also hotels of sales. Here one can be certain of the authenticity of the antique furniture, but unfortunately one will also notice it at their price. Finally, you can always visit an antique shop.

Buy antiques at an antique dealer

Who wants to buy antique furniture can best first visit us as we are an antique store or dealer. It is important that you are well informed about an old business that you eventually want to buy. The antique dealer will speak to you with the pleasure of the history of the ancient object in question, which did it, if it was ever restored, and so on. In addition, you can also after the purchase always relies on the antique dealer, so that you can properly look after your antique furniture.

Buying antiques items:

Have you found old treasures in the attic? So do not immediately start dreaming: it is that real antiques are rather rare. There is then a good chance that the old furniture you found on the attic will actually have old furniture, and therefore no antiques. Are you still convinced that they are true antiques, and then you can always consult an expert for antique items? This one can estimate the value of the objects and tell you if they are true antiques yes or no.

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