Browbands jewellery

Equine Elegance browbands are special occasion browbands. They are not intended for every day use, and should be removed from your horse when you have finished your event. Do not allow your horse to rub his head while wearing it.

Please also note: Equine Elegance browbands have been carefully designed and stitched to fit around the horses head. Designs that have been stitched in one continuous piece must not be straightened flat or bent inside out. Designs that have pieces or segments stitched individually and not joined may be straightened.

Wipe browband with soft damp cloth
Baby soft toothbrush may be used gently to remove dirt
Do not use leather dressings on jewellery.
Jewellery may be polished with Goddards silver polishing cloth

REMEMBER: Your browband is jewellery and must be treated with as much care as you would have for your own jewellery. The leather has been dressed with quality leather cream. DO NOT USE OIL

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